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Grow your data center business With Comstor, the number 1 distributor for Data center.

The pace of change in the Data Center and Virtualisation environment are driving demand for next-generation Data Center networks. We can talk all we want about how a business will improve operations by transforming Data Centers, but until we understand and see the solution in action we cannot capitalize on the benefits. When you can show measurable improvements, show business value and demonstrate the right solutions, you increase your value to your customers and the probability of winning the sale.
At Comstor, we understand the technology challenge you face when it comes to the Data Center side of your business – challenges like hardware interoperability or software support. But at the same time we also see high growth opportunities  for you. We are 100% committed to helping our partners succeed and have made investments in order to offer more support than anyone else in this demanding but lucrative market. Utilise the LEAP program to ensure you are fully equipped to start profiting from Data Center.

Leap is a program that will help you leap into Data Center with Comstor and Cisco.

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When you are interested in becoming a Data Center partner, we will support you with tools and resources that will help you to start your Data Center journey. From quick reference guides and competitor comparison documentation to approved case studies and real-world ROI figures. We have also invested in a strong team to support your growth and development in Data Center

  • Dedicated Cisco Data Center-qualified account management
  • Business Development and product management
  • Our unique range of non-competitive technical services enhances and extends your ability to deploy solutions. All our technical teams have specialists that are Cisco-certified to fully understand the function, capabilities, performance and implementation of Cisco-focused solutions. We are your white-labeled tech team.
  • In addition, our logistical capabilities include Basic and advanced Staging, Configuration, Stock and Build-to-Order (BTO)




For those of you looking to enter the Data Center market but also when you already have an existing Data Center practice, you are required to make significant investments in employee training and certification. Achieving specialisation gives you access to specific Cisco programs. These programs will increase your profitability and will generate marketing funds from Cisco. Comstor will work with you ensuring absolute focus to generate maximal return.

  • Product Training and Certification (Sales and Technical)
  • Executive Relevance Selling (ERS)
  • Demo support, leveraging Cisco’s remote lab dCloud, as well as Comstor’s demo equipment on premise to set up a proof-of-concept environment (POC)






You are a trained Data Center partner. Now it is time to look into
vertical markets and the different Data Center solutions and map those to the right customers. You have access to our IT professionals who have worked with the technologies,  have in-depth knowledge and who can walk you through and design a high-level archtecture for your specific environment.

  • Cisco and Ecosystem Partners
  • Proof-of-Concept (POC) – to touch, experience, test and learn about these technologies and solutions.




You now know all about Cisco Data Center solutions, you have created your tailored-solutions, now you need a clear understanding of how these technologies will produce value

  • Marketing; help you with strategic marketing consultation services as well as execution through our ‘Marketing as a Service’ initiatives: one-off projects or tailored marketing services that suit your needs.
  • Lead and Demand Generation; When you want to expand your marketplace into new customers with Data Center requirements, we have put together a very highly targeted lead generation program that you can commit to and receive anywhere from 6-10 executive appointments with qualified prospects for Data Center solutions.




About Comstor
Comstor is the Cisco dedicated business unit within the Westcon Group. We work very closely with our operations organisation, but also with our sister company Westcon to provide you with the most comprehensive services,
products and support offering.

It is about complementing the skills you already have – supporting you in the areas you need, mentoring you and
your team to succeed and empowering you to grasp every opportunity and embrace every challenge.
Distribution is just the beginning.

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