Application centric infrastructure

Application Centric Infrastructure - Addressing
The Changing Landscape

Industry shifts are redefining IT at all levels. On-premise IT consumption models are shifting to cloud-based services.

IT as a service (IaaS) is supplanted by applications as a service. Separate development and operations are moving toward integrated development and operations (DevOps). Box-centric management models are migrating to application-centric management. Business agility requires application agility, so IT teams need to provision applications in hours instead of months. Resources need to scale up (or down) in minutes, not hours.

Traditional approaches take a siloed operational view, with no common operational model between the application, network, security, and cloud teams. A common operational model delivers application agility, simplified operations, assured performance, and scale.

The Solution: An Application-Centric Approach to Managing Your Infrastructure

Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) in the data center is a holistic architecture with centralized automation and policy-driven application profiles. ACI delivers software
flexibility with the scalability of hardware performance.


Cisco ACI consists of:

  • The new Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches
  • A centralized policy management and Cisco Application Policy
    Infrastructure Controller (APIC)
  • A Cisco Application Virtual Switch (AVS) for the virtual network edge
  • Software and hardware innovations
  • Integrated physical and virtual infrastructure
  • An open ecosystem of network, storage, management,
    and orchestration vendors

Key characteristics of ACI include:

  • Simplified automation by an application-driven policy model
  • Centralized visibility with real-time, application health monitoring
  • Open software flexibility for DevOps teams and ecosystem
    partner integration
  • Scalable performance and multi-tenancy in hardware


The future of networking with ACI is about providing a network that is deployed, monitored, and managed in a fashion that supports DevOps and rapid
application change. ACI does so through the reduction of complexity and a common policy framework that can automate provisioning and managing of resources.






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