Introduction to Data Center Services

Data Centers are as complex as they are fundamental to the effective function of any modern business. Ultimately, whichever business someone works in, there is a need for a robust, flexible and fit-for-purpose infrastructure. The complexity and critical nature of a datacentre can sometimes be overlooked by endcustomers, especially when there are no immediate issues or problems.

However, ensuring a business continually evolves to transact and function in line with market demands requires an approach that can perpetually adapt and grow for fear of being left behind the competitive curve.



  • A broader, deeper and more robust Data Center offering – instantly
  • Grow a new dimension of your business without up-front capital investment
  • Augment your existing skillset seamlessly to see and win a wider variety of DC opportunities
  • Leverage our Cisco engineering DC skill sets to train up and educate your in-house services
    resource – We are your trusted IT Provider

As a reseller, your customers trust you to deliver that evolution as a part of your role as their IT provider. Comstor Datacentre (DC) Services are designed in a modular, flexible and relevant way to ensure that if you find a gap in your capability, capacity or reach; we have the team, methods and skills to assist at any stage of an opportunity.

Offering engineering capabilities coupled with the product conversations you have with your customers immediately increases both your potential revenues and the depth of conversation you have with the end user. We have an extensive resource pool of engineers spanning from junior to expert and across all of Cisco’s architectures. 

Start talking Data Center… Instantly

The method of getting this new service offering to market couldn’t be simpler. The availability of these services and the resource behind it means you can begin talking to your customers about your DC offering now – we can assist you from the pre-sales conversation through to support. Comstor Services Solutions offers you 5 distinct services, split in DC Installation services. 

DC Installation Services

  • UCS Installation: The scale and depth of the expertise behind Comstor’s UCS full service offering means you can begin talking to your customers about UCS instantly – we can assist you from the presales conversation all the way through to support.
  • SmartStack Installation:  Smartstack’s architecture can be configured for the growing demands of many requirements and we can help you deliver all this value as a part of your own offering. By partnering with Comstor Services, you can make a transition to forward-thinking IT without the headaches.
  • Nimble Installation: We provide a full installation and configuration service. By using the Cisco X-Pod reference architecture we can prioritise performance optimisation for Virtualised Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Nexus Data Center Implementation: Comstor’s in-house team has been delivering Nexus DC deployments for more than a year – we can assist you from the presales conversation all the way through to support.
  • SimpliVity Installation:  Simplivity with the mission of simplifying IT. Partnering with Comstor as distributor can provide Simplivity start up  and onsite installation for our valuable partner.

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