SimpliVity OmniStack: the best of both worlds

Fundamental Simplification of infrastructure,
operations, and  data

Within the total digital universe, data is exploding. We will go from 2.8 ZB to 40ZB in 2020 but disk capacity versus performance is lagging. Besides that, IT infrastructures are getting harder to manage as we need to take in account different factors (Optimizing application performance, simplifying remote office management, ensuring data protection, validating backup and recovery success, and more). A key benefit is that the solution provides 3X TCO reduction compared to alternative solutions.

As a result of the data problem, the industry has created a legacy infrastructure stack of appliances. Each component in the stack is an island that contains CPU, memory, and storage and runs a single application – WAN optimization, storage caching, backup to disk, etc. This has led to:

  • Too many boxes
  • Too many screens
  • Too many VMs
  • Too much data to manage, store, transfer, protect

SimpliVity Solves the Data Issue with Data Virtualization:

  • Deduplication, compression and optimization of all data at inception, in real-time, once and forever across all tiers of data. It’s possible via SimpliVity’s secret sauce, the OmniStack Accelerator, a PCIe card that offloads the heavy operations and acknowledges writes before the data ever hits a hard disk
  • Hyper-convergence: One stack that assimilates the functions of up to 12 traditional products into one creating a shared x86 resource pool, producing 300% TCO savings
  • Software-defined data center and cloud: a Globally Federated Architecture providing VM centricity and mobility via one management screen: VMware vCenter

SimpliVity OmniStack with Cisco UCS

OmniStack with Cisco UCS enables you to address different business challenges:

  • Data center consolidation
  • Multi-site central management project
  • Backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity projects
  • Backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity projects
  • Data migration, as well as merger and acquisition projects
  • Development, test, and QA projects
  • Technology refresh projects
  • Public, private, hybrid cloud infrastructure

OmniStack brings True Hyperconvergence

Virtualization has significantly improved IT efficiency, yet workload mobility and performance are a huge problem when the underlying data center infrastructure is not virtualized. Siloed IT infrastructure typically has greater complexity, multiple management points, performance issues, and higher costs. Outsourcing IT infrastructure to cloud providers, such as Amazon and Google, may result in greater economies of scale and improved agility. However, you might be reluctant to leverage cloud infrastructure-as-a-service due to concerns about performance, control, and enterprise-level availability and protection.

You need more than what current cloud providers deliver. And, you need better consolidation and performance than what legacy infrastructures can provide. If you’re looking for cloud economics as well as enterprise performance, protection, and functionality, SimpliVity’s OmniStack Integrated Solution with Cisco Unified Computing System allows you to benefit from the best of both worlds.

The OmniStack Integrated Solution with Cisco Unified Computing System solution consists of a Cisco UCS server, and the SimpliVity OmniStack software and Accelerator Card. Clustering multiple OmniStack- powered hyperconverged infrastructure units forms a shared resource pool and delivers high availability and efficient scaling of performance and capacity. Instances of OmniStack-powered hyperconverged infrastructure within and across data centers form a federation that can be globally managed from a single interface via vCenter.

Deploy business applications, drive data center efficiency, and enable cloud computing. These are just a few of the ways OmniStack Integrated Solution with Cisco UCS can be deployed in your virtualized data center. You’ll experience superior scalability, streamlined operations, rapid time-to-market, simplified management, and lower TCO for your data center infrastructure.

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